Hello! Are you wondering if you should get WITH traction or NON traction? Answer these few questions and find out our recommendation. 

Above is our video tutorial on HOW TO REFRESH your traction. Please watch it to understand how the traction works...it is only 1 minute! 
I want to wear my Apolla Shocks in/on: *

I am purchasing Apolla Shocks to replace my:

When I wear a dance sock I always think to myself:

The floor I dance on is:

We recommend you get WITH traction.
The traction WILL start sticky and will need to be broken in.
It WILL break in...for some it takes a couple of hours and some a couple weeks. 
For some dancers they will start refreshing the grip in one class...some will never want to refresh...it completely depends on the dancer preferences and floor.
If you need more grip...then it needs to be refreshed to keep the grip where you prefer. You will be able to continue to refresh the "stick over and over for the life of the Shock.
Please watch our 1-minute video tutorial to learn more (above) or click button below.
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We recommend you get NON traction. 

Fantastic for carpet at conventions (durable too!) OR in your shoes for tap, hip hop, cross training, travel or just long days on your feet!
Please know if you ever decide you wish you had a bit of stick/grip on your floor...you will want to opt for the WITH traction next time. 

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We recommend you get WITH traction...because you can customize the grip to fit your different needs on different floors. 
On the floor that you do not wish to stick...you would wear the grip down and not refresh. 
On the floor that needs some stick...you can refresh with our refreshers.
OR you can have a pair WITH and a pair of NON and wear them according to the floor you are on. 
Learn How our Traction Works
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